Apologies in advance for yet another cellphone blog this week, but this is fantastic to watch, and is a great diversion.

I have to thank Dave, our producer, for drawing attention to this.  He knew this would be right up my alley, and he was correct.

According to ABC News.com it turns out a dancer from the Miami Heat.  She was traveling to the Bahamas and went swimming with dolphins. She had her phone with her (really?) and accidentally dropped it.  Do you believe that the dolphin was called over by a trainer and asked to "go get it".  Check out what happened!

How amazing is that?  Of course, I get a little skeptical here.  Was this a setup?  Is is just a coincidence that this dolphin was trained to do this?

I know - I'm ruining the moment by asking too many questions.  "Just enjoy the moment, Richie".   Ok, I will.  I hope you do too.






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