Sam Adams is releasing a beer that's so strong that it's been banned in 15 states. Seriously, there are 15 states where you can't buy the Sam Adams Utopia Beer.

Boston Beer releases Sam Adams Utopias every other year. Beginning Oct. 11, it will be available at select specialty beer, wine, and liquor stores, where laws allow it. We're lucky because it's legal to sell here in New York. Some of our nearby states can't even get it like Vermont and New Hampshire.

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So what makes this beer so special...and so illegal in so many states? It's mostly the alcohol content. Sam Adams Utopia is a special barrel-aged beer that packs a liver kicking 28% alcohol by volume!

This beer is so special and exclusive that Sam Adams only releases it every other year and they only produce about 13,000 bottles. Oh, and the bottle of Utopia is going to set you back about $240 retail. If you can find it somewhere for $240, buy it because on the secondary market it will sell for upwards of $1,000. Crazy for a beer right?

Sam Adams Utopias is described as an "extreme" beer by the brewery. Some of the liquids that are used for the recipe have been aged nearly three decades in wooden bourbon casks. After the batches are blended, they are aged in a total of 86 different barrels that previously held Madeira, port, and sherry. Even though it's called "beer" it's actually much closer to a port of sherry.

Check out the Sam Adams website for more information on this extreme beer and be thankful we live in a state where you can actually buy it.

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