Praise the Lord and pass the merlot!   We've got, in theory,  a budget "agreement" in New York.  And we did it before the deadline.  (Again, in theory--they still have to sign the paperwork).  According to the Albany Times Union, if it is passed we will have a budget with $132 billion in state spending, which is a 2 percent cut over spending in the current fiscal year.

  I can't even tell you how many "late budget songs" I have written over the years.  I was running out of ways to rhyme things with "dysfunction".  And believe me, there's still plenty of it.   If you'd like to read about the terms of the agreement, you can here.

                                                                                                     But I can't help but look at the bigger picture here with Andrew Cuomo.  I somehow get the feeling that he has the "eye on the prize", if you know what I mean.  I'm talking the BIG PRIZE.  If your first entree into the world of big time politics was becoming Governor of NY, wouldn't you want your legacy to begin with the fact that you cleaned up state government in your very first year in office and got those lazy bums to pass a budget that hasn't been passed early since Pataki did it in 2005 (and if you remember, there were rumblings that HE was going to run too!)

  I got very excited this morning about this incredible yet rare act of camaraderie here in our state capital.  It made me want to sing a show tune.  Being secure in my masculinity,  I did! 

  How have you been affected by the  budget crisis?  Will things get better for you or worse?  Would love to hear about it.  I know times are real tough.  I just wanted to attempt a little musical comic relief here, but would still like to hear about what's going on out there with you, so make your comments if you wish.    Chow for now!