Time to check between your seats in your car and your couch cushions because these coins are selling for big bucks. They are rare but if you have them, you could be cashing in. There are special misprinted quarters that are in circulation and if you find them, collectors are shelling out a ton of money. These quarters that were minted in 1970 contain a very small, mistake that is easily missed. Above the word "dollar" on the tails side of the quarter, you can hardly see the year "1941". That is from the quarters being what's called a proof quarter. These simply slipped by the people that were supposed to proof them. However it's very hard to make out.

According to Good Housekeeping, if you do find one of these mistake quarters, there are twenty six people that are willing to give you up to $35,000!

Happy hunting! I'm starting with Ryan's piggy bank.

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