At first, Saratoga Springs wasn’t going to have a Memorial Day Parade. The city cancelled it, because of a lack of money and participation, but that all changed. I saw a story in the Times Union about how the efforts of some people that actually rescued the parade. Paul Brisson is the person that spearheaded the operation to try to make sure that there would be a parade. He had some volunteers that were working with him, but apparently ended up with even more volunteers thanks to an online effort to save the parade.

Their hard work paid off in just four days. Enough money was raised to purchase insurance, get the parade registered with the city and coordinate groups of veterans. Trustco Bank, the corporate sponsor, is going to present a $1500 check to the Group Of Concerned Area Residents Working Together To Honor Our Fallen Heroes.

You can add Saratoga Springs to the list of parades that I previously wrote about. The Saratoga Springs Memorial Day Parade will start at 10:00 a.m. on Monday, May 28, at The Saratoga Springs City Center, and continue on Broadway to Congress Park.