I actually had this video recommended to me by one of our company's sister websites and thought, "Really?" They said this would be a total "game-changer" in package delivery though, so I thought, "Well I have 2 minutes to spare. I will check it out." I am totally glad I did. I think it appealed to my wife because of what it would mean to her in the world of shopping, but to me, it totally hit a geek nerve! I feel like I just took a small glimpse into the future and it is both cool and a little worrisome.

I mean, imagine the crowded air space right above our heads and possible noise? I'm not sure how quiet these drones are but I imagine if there were tens or hundreds flying around overhead it could get pretty annoying. I would guess the cost of this warehouse-to-home delivery would keep the amount of these things flying around to a minimum though.

I guess only time will tell but Amazon does think that this is something we can all expect in the NEAR future. What do you think of this idea?

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