It's astounding to me just how much dough the Kardashians are rolling in. What are we all doing wrong? 

We actually had an in-depth discussion this morning on this subject. I picked on Kim and the kids for their wealth, but maybe it's just out of pure jealousy!  Anyway, let's count their coins here

First let's start out with a song intro for them:

Ok, here we go.  According to, Kim Kardashian ALONE made 28 million in 12 months.  In fact, she has made half of the wealth of the whole fam-damily.

Other interesting bullet points.

  • She's  made $25,000 PER TWEET as part of a sponsorship
  • Khloe and her husband's fragrances, plus Kim's 3 scents made 50 million!
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Let's put this all into perspective though.  If you had 21.9 million Twitter followers and almost 16 million on Instagram, you'd probably up your rates too, wouldn't you?

Oh, one more thing - the family has reportedly made over $200,000,000 from Sears!  (can you imagine that I almost forgot to mention that amount of money?)

I say more power to them. If we're dumb enough to follow them and buy their products, so be it! Welcome to America.