Long before Brooks and Dunn became Country Music's powerhouse duo, the two person act that led Country Music was a mother-daughter combination known as The Judds.   As a matter of fact, with 20 top 10's, 14 #1's, and every CMA Vocal Duo of the year award from 1985-1991, you could probably say that they were one of the biggest acts in Country Music out of any solo, duo or group.

The story book rise to stardom began when a single mom worked long and hard to raise her two girls in California.  After a move to Nashville to become a nurse and pursue a music career, Naomi gave a demo tape to a patient.  That person was the daughter of producer Brent Maher.  Brent liked what he heard and helped the Judds land an audition with RCA.  They, too, were impressed and Wynonna and Naomi headed up the charts with "Had A Dream (For The Heart)."

It seemed like America quickly fell in love with their music and their story!   This mother-daughter duo had risen from rags to riches, living out the American dream.  In addition to singing songs that were telling our stories, they also weren't afraid to show us what was really happening behind the scenes.  Country Music's sweethearts were anything but, back on the bus.  Perhaps this was just another reason we all loved them.  They were normal!  They battled it out, cried, hugged, disagreed, and learned from each other, just like every other parent-child relationship.  Away from the glitz and glamour of showbiz, these two stars could have easily been our very own Aunt Naomi and Cousin Wynonna.

With strong personalities they charmed our ears and hearts with great songs like "Grandpa (Tell Me Bout The Good Ole Days)," "Mama, He's Crazy," "Why Not Me," "Rockin' With The Rhythm of The Rain," "Love Can Build A Bridge" and so many others.  Sadly, in 1991 Naomi was forced to leave the road due to a chronic hepatitis infections.  Wynonna went solo, with hit after hit, and occasionally reunited with her Mom on special events and television shows.

Now with Naomi at the age of 64 and Wynonna at 46, the Judds are back together for the Final Encore Tour and a new single.  The new song "I Will Stand By You" is not only a great anthem for the Judds family, it's also a great inspirational message that benefits St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.

Realizing what a milestone event this reunion is to any Country Music fan, I'm producing a bus trip to see these legends one last time at the MGM Grand at Foxwoods Resort and Casino on Saturday, March 19.  If you'd like to be there to witness this historical moment, visit www.kevinrichards.com and get ready to enjoy the soundtrack to our lives from the 1980s!