We have a small, yet enthusiastic group of new singin' superstars, ladies and gentlemen.  They are from Griswold Heights - part of the Troy Housing Authority.  They love what their community center provides them each summer, and they were anxious to tell you about it (or should I say - RAP about it) 

I first have to thank Dr. Phil Fusco and the Sage College's Academy for Character Education for getting me involved in their summer enrichment program.  This is my second visit to this community center, and I'm always impressed with how much they get accomplished there.

"OK-bla bla bla, Richie - get to the song!", I hear you say.  I hear you, folks.  So here we go.  The kids wanted to write a jingle to advertise their great community center, so let's play it right now, shall we?  Click on link below.

mp3 version (right click to save)

Here's the song for you.  The lyrics are below the photo, by the way, so you can sing along at home


griswold heights

Griswold Heights Song

We're the kids from Griswold Heights

We like to rap and dance all nite,

We like to swim in the pool

That's the way that we stay cool  (splash)

Football, basketball, baseball too,

These are the things that we like to do  (yea, yea, yea) (nice job, Carlos)

Kim, Sharon, Tina too ,

She's the one that runs the food

Griswold Heights, we're in Troy

This place gives us lots of joy (WORD!!!)


Thanks to the kids,  Kim, Sharon, and Tina for having me in.  Continue all the great things that you're doing there.



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