The Glens Falls arena announced today it has a new name!

The arena formerly known as the Glen Falls Civic Center will now be called the 'Cool Insuring Arena' according to a WNYT report. The new name is already reflected in the website address too - you can now get show and event info at

So how will this affect the shows at the arena? Well, on the surface it may not seem like much more than just a name. But for the arena and future shows, maybe indirectly this is a good thing? Ultimately, arena;s are operated to make money and naming rights to an arena bring in valuable sponsorship dollars. You have to imagine that leads to a healthier bottom line. Which in turn can lead to arena improvements and upgrades, as well as more sponsorship opportunities, which could in turn give the arena more flexibility when it comes to booking artists.

We have recently had some great Country shows at the arena, like Brantley Gilbert and Justin Moore, and it's a great spot to see a show! You get some big acts, but it's a perfect size arena where there is not a bad seat in the house. Let's hope the name change leads to more great Country shows at the Cool Insuring Arena!


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