Looking for the right movie to see this weekend but don't know which to choose? Thankfully, Lights Camera Jackson has the insight and will tell you which movies are worth it and which you should stay away from.

The movie you've been seeing for a few months now is finally coming out, "The Emoji Movie." An animated film starring your favorite part of text messages. Set inside of a smartphone, Textopolis is where all of the emojis live each with only one facial expression, except for Gene. Striving to be normal, Gene, his best friend Hi-5, and Jailbreak travel through apps and get themselves in some trouble threatening Textopolis.

The second movie is "Atomic Blonde" starring Charlize Theron as Agent Lorraine Broughton. Sent to Berlin to find a dossier, she partners up with David Percival (James McAvoy) to navigate through the spies after her, trying to kill her and keep her from her mission.

Jackson is also still taking donations for his Chairathon. He's raising money for the Michael J. Fox Foundation by sitting in every seat at a local movie theatre. For information on how to donate as well as other reviews he's done, you can go to his website Lights-Camera-Jackson.com.


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