One would thinking driving in the Capital Region itself would be the top driving pet peeve, but one specific thing really gets to everyone on our roads.

According to your poll votes, texting and driving is the biggest driving pet peeve in the Capital Region!

And let's be honest, this is probably the biggest driving pet peeve most places these days. There is nothing more annoying than driving behind someone going too slow and swerving because they are distracted on their phone, right? Not to mention it is super unnerving knowing how much these drivers disregard the safety of those around them. I am sure like me you still find it alarming how many drivers still text and drive.

Texting and driving took home over 50% of the votes in this poll, followed at #2 by drivers stopping in the EZ Pass Lane and drivers not using blinkers at #3. Both super annoying, but not as dangerous as our top vote getter - texting and driving.

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