The college campuses spread out over Upstate New York cover a wide range of architectural styles, campus area sizes, landmark buildings, and unique one-of-a-kind features.  And, for the most part, each campus sits amidst a strikingly beautiful natural landscape.

Some have faraway views, some have priceless Hudson River frontage, some are tucked deep inside an Upstate's woods, and some sit majestically among the urban sprawl of our region's major cities.

Throw in the iconic Frank Gehry structure at Bard College, and the hill-climbing uniqueness of Hartwick College and Syracuse University, and we think this is a pretty impressive list of gorgeous seats of learning.

They have amazing architecture, award-winning landscaping, historic buildings, and (something many of them have), a panoramic view of Upstate New York's awesome natural setting. All are spectacular!

So, from the United States Military Academy campus overlooking the Hudson River, to the State University of Geneseo with its unforgettable "gazebo outlook," to Paul Smith's College buried deep in the bosom of the Adirondacks, and to the venerable distinctive grey stone architecture of Cornell, Vassar and Colgate, these are all stunners!

The 12 Most Stunning College Campuses in Upstate NY

Throughout New York State, our college campuses run from the urban blocks-long, wooden and brick ones in New York City, to the sprawling college campuses which dot Upstate New York from the Hudson Valley to Buffalo. We list here the dozen most stunning campuses in Upstate.

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