I'll admit, I didn't find this Father's Day card offensive but I guess it's all in the way you perceive it.  Regardless of how I feel, Target is removing the card showing appreciation for the 'Baby Daddy' in your life after social media backlash suggested that it was racially insensitive.  Take a look at the couple featured on the front of the card and decide for yourself.  Is it amusing or offensive?

In a story from News 10 ABC Takeisha Saunders uploaded a photo of the card to Facebook recently, captioning the post "You CANNOT be serious Target!!!! Really!!!?!!!!? This was the only Father’s Day card that featured a black couple!!!!!! #OurVoicesReally#NotMyNarrative #HowAboutHusband #HowAboutLove #HowAboutJustDad"

For what it's worth, I don't agree with Ms. Sanders.  I don't see a black couple.  I see images, or silhouettes.  You can actually make an argument that the she looks like Katie Holmes and he resembles Jamie Foxx.

Either way, Target caved so you'll have to go elsewhere or make your own Baby Daddy appreciation card!

Baby Daddy

Photo Credit: Takeisha Saunders/Facebook


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