Is Our President a Little Bit Hot?
I was at lunch with some friends today when I looked up at the screen at the restaurant. Hillary Clinton was having a campaign rally and our President, Barack Obama was speaking on her behalf.
He was dressed down a bit more than we’re used to seeing him...
POTUS Reads Mean Tweets About Himself on Kimmel [Watch]
Don't you just love this Kimmel segment!?  He has celebrities come on the show and read mean tweets about themselves!  It's brilliant!
Twitter can be a mean, brutal world.  And these famous people take a beating!  But it almost makes it all okay when they read the mean t…
Barack Obama Sings ‘Uptown Funk’ [Watch]
These dubs might just be my favorite thing about the internet!
Brilliant editing geniuses take dozens of speeches by POTUS, break them down (with the help of some super sneaky software) and put them back together in the form of a popular song...