High School Hunger Games

Will They Win?
Last year Notre Dame Bishop Gibbons, in Schenectady, won our first High School Hunger Games. They're back again this year, and based on what I saw when I went to visit last week, they're definitely in the running again this year!
HS Hunger Games
Bethany has already visited several of our participating schools in this year's High School Hunger Games, and is planning to visit the others in upcoming weeks. From what she's seen so far, everyone is doing a great job at gathering food for the hungry!
HS Hunger Games
Your high school could make history and win an amazing prize, fame, and pride in our second annual High School Hunger Games!
Hunger Games
For the second year in a row, WGNA wants to see which high school can gather the most non-perishable food in WGNA's High School Hunger Games!
High School Hunger Games
Seniors Dan Asselin and Annie Riley heard about our High School Hunger Games on the radio one morning on their way to school and decided it would be a great thing for their school to participate in!
And, we're glad they did!
Notre Dame-Bishop Gibbons High in Schenectady is well on their way to be…

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