Hold On Before You Get Too Excited Over That New Barbie Commercial [Watch]
When I clicked on the new viral Barbie ad that's flying all over the internet, I was sooooooo ready to be inspired and excited and go out and buy my daughter a shiny new Barbie for Christmas! And my son too, cause you know, boys can and should be encouraged to play with dolls, too. Especially smart, capable, successful dolls!
Is This ‘Kitchen’ Billboard Offensive to You? [Poll]
Today on the show, Bethany and I went back and forth on this billboard issue. If you have not yet heard about it, Teakwood Builders recently put up a billboard on Route 9 showing a new kitchen with the words "your wife wants me." There are some who find it to be very sexist and others that just think it's fun.
Amazon Prime Just for Women – Check this Out! [Watch]
A comedian named Paul Gale has been getting really big on YouTube this past year.  His channel is called Paul Gale Comedy, and he's got about 15 million views! You might remember him from his "Why Starbucks Spells Your Name Wrong", where he claimed they do it on purpose, just to annoy people...
Bro Country Backlash
It officially drops July 15, but it's already going viral.  It's the first Anti-Bro Country song, "Girl In A Country Song," by a new duo named Maddie & Tae. You'll hear references to several songs, including Billy Currington's "Hey Girl," Thomas Rhett's "Get Me Some of That,"Florida Georgia Line's "Get Your Shine On," and Chris Young's "Aw Naw."