When I clicked on the new viral Barbie ad that's flying all over the internet, I was sooooooo ready to be inspired and excited and go out and buy my daughter a shiny new Barbie for Christmas! And my son too, cause you know, boys can and should be encouraged to play with dolls, too. Especially smart, capable, successful dolls!

But, unfortunately I wasn't as pleased with the end result as I'd like to be.

The ad features several little girls pretending to be grown up women with important jobs.  They are cute and adorable and funny and frankly delightful! But... that's what the commercial seems to focus on. It says to me, "Look! Isn't it soooooooo cute when little girls think they can actually grow up to be something?! Hahahahahaha, that's so cute."

And, as someone who has been the cute, adorable, funny girl trying to get a job that a man usually has, I don't think it's very funny.

When someone in real life has said to you, "Awwww, maybe someday you can be a radio dj," after you've already been doing it for seven years,  it's not very funny.

Or, when your boss says, "Nah, I don't want to go golfing with you.... hahahahhahaha, but maybe we can bake something sometime!" You probably wouldn't be laughing.

Because, the fact is, it's adorable when the little girls are pretending to be career women, but what happens when the female vet walks into the exam room and the client just assumes she's the assistant... because she's a girl? It happens.

Men don't usually have to prove themselves as qualified, but women do, and if Barbie could talk, she wouldn't think that's very cool.

But, I know what you're thinking, I should shut up about it and just be happy it's not all about fashion or hair, or little plastic shoes for once, but instead about careers, goals and using one's imagination. And, you'd be right. It's a win. A small win, but at least it's not this...