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Love Cowboy Bears Down on Bratty Ex
Riley in Schenectady emailed the show looking for some advice on how to get her ex-boyfriend to stop acting like such a brat.  According to Riley, he disrespects her on social media and has even gone as far as badmouthing her to her co-workers.  Love Cowboy has zero time for this nonsense.
Love Cowboy On Pausing the Proposal
Matt in Latham had a fantastic plan all set in motion for later this May.  He was planning to take his girlfriend to their favorite vacation spot and propose to her.  Obviously, that has changed. The vacation has been canceled and now he's sitting on a ring while trying to decide if he should just s…
Love Cowboy Aids Couple Going Quarantine Crazy
Rick in Niskayuna emailed the show because he and his girlfriend have been living together for 6 months and things were fine before the quarantine.  But the last few months during the lockdown, he and his girlfriend have been miserable living with one another. He turned to the Love Cowboy wonde…
Love Cowboy Tries Saving Floundering Friendship
Hayley in Schodack emailed the show looking for some advice regarding a friendship that has been dissolving ever since the lockdown started.  Her best friend, a pet groomer, is contemplating illegally opening up shop despite Hayley advising against it.  Hayley says her friend is questionin…
Love Cowboy Helps Girl Go From Bashful to Bold
Libby in Canajoharie is a shy, sweet girl from a small town who really wanted to help out.  She works in a grocery store and sees the same guy pretty much weekly and has developed a crush on him.  She was hoping Love Cowboy had some advice on what she could do to get his attention.
Love Cowboy's Lockdown Lingo Part 2
Love Cowboy has done this before but we felt like it was time for a bit of refresher course.  We rolled ours eyes so much the first time around, we did it again. Here are Love Cowboy's Lockdown Terms Part 2.
Love Cowboy Tries to Cheer Up Bummed Bday Girl
Emily in Cobleskill has had a month to forget.  She was furloughed at work, dumped by her boyfriend and had to celebrate her birthday while on lockdown.  Bummed out, she emailed Brian and Chrissy hoping that LC could giver her a little quarantine cheer.
Love Cowboy Weighs In On Baffling Boyfriend
Gwenyth in Slingerlands emailed the show because she claims that her boyfriend of 2.5 has never intimated that he wanted to live with her.  All of a sudden, he's been asking her to move in with him because and she thinks its because he can't afford to be by himself anymore. Let's…
Love Cowboy Scolds Wasteful Wally
Penny emailed the Brian and Chrissy to get some advice from the Love Cowboy in regards to her husband who refuses to eat leftovers.  In these very difficult times, most families are just scraping to get by, while wasteful Wally over here is scraping good food off his plate, and into the garbage…
Love Cowboy Sets Judgmental Husband Straight
Scott in Rensellaer emailed the show to talk about his current situation at home.  He's worried that his wife isn't doing enough homeschooling with the kids and that when he's not there, everyone seems to be watching a whole lot of TV.  Scott struck a nerve in the ol' L…
Love Cowboy Has Lockdown Meltdown
Love Cowboy was in no mood to give relationship advice mid-week when he appeared on the GNA morning show with Brian and Chrissy.  Much like the rest of us he was stressed, exhausted and needed to use the segment to get some things off his chest.  We gladly obliged as surely lots of listene…
Love Cowboy Advice: Mother-In-Law Lockdown
Lisa in Averill Park emailed the show because her mother-in-law is driving her and her husband 'Covid Crazy' and she doesn't know what to do about it.  She calls her husband as many as 12-15 times a day.  Good thing for her, the LC knew exactly what to do.

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