I've been told you have to be open to the unknown for you to experience any paranormal activity. But based on stories that have come from the Canfield Casino in Saratoga Springs, whether you believe or not, things happen.

That's what brought SyFy's "Ghost Hunters" to the Capital Region in 2010 for the sixth season of their creepy show.

The Canfield Casino, originally known as the Saratoga Clubhouse was first created by professional boxer, John Morrissey. It was a boys club, of sorts - no girls allowed. Yet, according to an article in the late '90s a guest saw what is thought to be the ghost of a woman dressed in Victorian style garb. She appeared again in 2007, this time speaking to group before disappearing. I'm getting chills just typing that!

It took a little searching but when I found out this happened, I not only wanted to watch the episode but I felt it was a must! A little creepy piece of fame for our awesome Capital Region and now you can relive it with me!

Ghost Hunters (TAPS) [VO] - S06E18 - Time To... by Spider392

BONUS...here's the local news story from when Ghost Hunters were in the area:

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