This Super Bowl has me almost as excited as if my beloved Raiders were in it. There are so many great story lines. Will Tom Brady cement his legacy as on of the greatest of all time? Will the Patriots avenge their loss in Super Bowl 42? Will the Giants defensive line control this game? The story that interest me the most is will Eli Manning continue to perform at the ELIte level he has most of this season?

Eli Manning did something very brave this year. Before the season even started he put a target on his back. Eli said he was in the same class as Tom Brady. Haters immediately called him crazy and boastful, but what was the guy suppose to say? "Oh garsh...I wish I was good and stuff but everyone is better". NO! I love that Eli stepped up and gave himself the respect many others refuse to. Not only did he say it, He's backed it up. I see a guy who could step out of his brother's shadow by winning his second Super Bowl.

The Patriots are SCARY GOOD and Tom Brady is one of the best to ever play the quarterback position but Eli has a swagger this season that tells me not only HE knows he can win it all but so does his team. In my opinion the Super Bowl will come down to the Giants Defensive front and Tom Brady also. If they can get to Tom Terrific this will be one heck of a game, if not Brady could pick the G men apart.

This is a very even game in my mind but I am going to stick with who I've been cheering for all post season. GO BIG BLUE!!!