Sunny Sweeney has actually been putting out music with a distribution deal on Big Machine Records for quite some time. She will be worth a good watch at WGNA Countryfest 2011.

I have a 4 year old CD of Sunny's that I listen to all the time on the big road trips I take with my daughters on the weekends, and they have been big fans for 4 years now. The rest of America had to wait until late Summer in 2010 to find out who Sunny Sweeney was. The powers at Big Machine had put together an awesome 9 song project and decided it was time to introduce America to Sunny Sweeney with her huge hit "From A Table Away".

Sunny writes most of her music, and she can party like John Rich. She has been selling out 3,000 to 5,000 seat arenas and honky tonks around her native Texas, Arizona and Oklahoma region for years. She's not just getting started, she's just expanding her reach. Check out this awesome "toe tapper" from Sunny that's totally country to the core titled "If I Could". I love this song!

Sunny actually wanted to be a comedian and she actually spent some time with an improvisational comedy troupe in New York City for a few years. She wasn't bad at comedy, she just wasn't great. In comedy there is no middle ground, you either have it or you don't. The troupe she was with knew that she could sing and play guitar and were amazed at her talent.

One day she asked one of her "improv" stablemates what they thought of her comedy, and abilities as a comedian/actress.  He just looked at her and politely said she should stick to singing country music. Here's Sunny having some fun with a small honky tonk crowd singing a fun little ditty titled "You Don't Know Your Husband".

I thank him for that everytime I pop that CD in on the road with my daughters. She's kept us happy for years and she will make you really happy too when she takes the stage at WGNA's Countryfest 2011 with Superstar headliner Miranda Lambert on Saturday, July 9th at the Altamont Fairgrounds.