I don't need to tell you how expensive it is to live in the state of New York. But there is one thing that causes more financial stress for New Yorkers than anything else.And it won't come as a surprise. It's Debt. Yes, that 4 letter word. Debt. According to Go Banking Rates, debt is the one thing that stresses us out the most here in New York when it comes to money. The runner up? No surprise here either: Everyday Cost of Living. I bet alot of us use debt to cover the cost of living sometimes, right? Which is a very bad idea. We weren't alone when it comes to debt being the biggest financial stressor. Debt came in #1 in 31 states!

I honestly thought taxes would have been #1 in New York - the tax burden here is pretty high. So let's do this. We'll all pay off our debt, then we can get back to complaining about the high taxes here in New York!

You can see the full report here with every state's biggest financial stress.

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