A Blake Shelton fan suffering from several disabilities found out that human kindness is not dead at a concert recently.

Patrick Connelly is confined to a wheelchair due to a number of physical ailments. Blake Shelton is his favorite musician, and Connelly was excited about the opportunity to attend a free outdoor show the singer gave in Overland Park, Kansas on July 2. But according to the FW, when he, his mother and sister arrived at the concert, Connelly was disappointed to find that he could not see any of the action on stage because the outdoor venue did not provide seating, and the people standing in front of him were blocking the already limited view from his wheelchair.

“Patrick started crying because he couldn’t see Blake Shelton, he couldn’t see anything but the legs of the people in front of him,” his mother, Cheryl Connelly, told KMBC. She and her daughter tried to lift her son up where he could see, but soon tired in the triple-digit heat.

Two nearby men noticed the family’s plight and stepped up to help, physically picking Patrick Connelly up and holding him for the rest of the show in spite of the extreme heat, even taking Patrick close to the stage to see. The two men then disappeared without identifying themselves, but the good deed caught the attention of Blake Shelton himself, who topped off Connelly’s day by inviting him backstage.

Cheryl Connelly hopes that media attention on the story will bring the two good Samaritans forward so she can thank them properly. “I can’t thank them enough for what that meant for my family, and especially for Patrick, for what it meant for him to be able to see that,” she said. “It brought tears to my daughter and myself.”

Watch Patrick Connelly’s Blake Shelton Concert Story

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