Stephen Colbert debut’s as the new host of “The Late Show” on Tuesday night!

It’s the end of the Letterman Era. A time that has brought us SO many laughs! And now on Tuesday, when Stephen Colbert officially steps onto the stage as the host of "The Late Show," a new era begins!

Late Show Stephen Colbert First Week Guests
Frederick M. Brown, Getty Images

You’ll remember Colbert from his show “The Colbert Report on Comedy Central. If you don’t, then you should go back and watch them. The show was amazing and so funny! I loved it!

I for one am excited to see Colbert on late night TV. He’s REALLY funny! Now, I know they are saying he will not be playing the Colbert from his old show, but I hope he will come through at times.

Now, we know Jimmy Fallon and Jimmy Kimmel basically own late night. Some are saying it’s because of there use of social media and engaging the younger viewers that have them so close in the polls. So, can Stephen Colbert compete? Again, I think he’s going to be great!

Guests booked for The Late Show’s opening week include Elon Musk and Uber CEO Travis Kalanick.

So, how do you think he will do? Will you be watching?


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