This made me giggle.  I actually "guffawed".  Colbert is stirring things up already, and he hasn't even started his show yet! 

Stephen Colbert is set to take over the coveted late nite spot reserved for David Letterman for all these years.  Of course it also helps to do something crazy to grab attention.  Maybe this fell into his lap accidentally, but it works for me.

Presidential candidate Jeb Bush, according to, supposedly had the great idea of setting up a raffle, with the winners getting VIP tickets to his upcoming appearance on the first Colbert show.

Colbert wasn't happy.  Nobody asked him if that was OK.  So just to bust Bush's chops, he set up his own raffle with winners getting VIP tickets to his OWN show and promised to give the money to charity.  Eeek! Does that make Bush look bad or what?

Getty Images

I haven't heard the reaction from Jeb's camp, but I can imagine they are scratching their scalps trying to figure out the damage control.

Actually, this sounds like something that Stephen Colbert's CHARACTER would have done on his old show ( do you know that he is supposedly dumping his alter ego and debuting as himself in his new endeavor?)  I guess some "bits" will overlap.



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