One thing we can all agree on is that it has been a very long year. As my memories pop up on Facebook from this week last year, I saw an ominous post that at the time I recall us laughing at but certainly had no idea it would become the norm.

While scrolling, I came across this Facebook post mocking my fiance Jenn.

Chrissy Cavotta
Chrissy Cavotta

Some of the comments on this post were really funny at the time, but looking back we had no idea what we were in for. One friend said, "how did you find so many masks, Jenn?" and she replied, "I'm just preparing myself." Another friend of mine said, "Jenn is crazy about this stuff and this is why we love her." To which Jenn responded, "I will save you a mask." But after more and more people mocked Jenn, my favorite response from her was, "You all can make fun of me...but when I have all the supplies...don’t come knocking on my door."

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Jenn has always been super hyper about cleaning everything. When we travel, even before the pandemic, we had to wipe down everything on the plane and wait outside of the hotel room while Jenn went in to disinfect everything including the showerhead. So you could say that we have been training for this pandemic for years.

Chrissy Jenn WGNA
Chrissy Jenn WGNA'

I encourage everyone to check your statuses from a year ago this and next week. It seems like eons ago and just a few days before everything shut down, most people were just living their lives. But after taking a peek back in time, Jenn was always preparing for what we have gone through this past year.

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