William Shatner is making visits to the Empire State a regular thing.

The Capitan Kirk legend is getting ready to beam back down to Upstate New York this summer to spend some more time at the 'Star Trek Orignal Series Set Tour."

Destination Star Trek
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According to New York Upstate, Shatner will be In Ticonderoga Friday, July 7th through Friday, July 9th. Fans will be able to not only visit the set but also meet the legendary actor while he is in town. The Star Trek Orignal Series Set Tour, located on Montcalm Street in Ticonderoga, will be offering several different packages and price points starting at $190 for the visit, including the opportunity to have a special "bridge chat" with the actor or a special dinner package with the famed actor for $1500! This will be a return to the set for Shatner who visited in 2020.

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