An original Stanley Cup ring is very hard to find. Finding a ring from 1936, won by a team nearly a century before, is nearly impossible.

So, when not one, not two, but TEN 1936 Detroit Red Wings' Stanley Cup championship rings show up at the U.S.-Canada border, it certainly raises a few eyebrows. A group of customs agents had this same situation unfold at the Port of Champlain border facility, and knew immediately that it was time to take action.

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Ten Counterfeit Rings Seized at Upstate New York Border Facility

According to a report from The Detroit Free Press, ten Stanley Cup championship rings were seized by U.S. Customs and Border Protection at Port of Champlain in northern Saratoga County. The rings were seized due to trademark violations, as the logo is part of the Red Wings' intellectual property, according to a report from ESPN.

The Free Press article said of a press release related to the ring seizure that a violation of intellectual property can "threaten the health and safety of American consumers, the economy and national security."

The total value of the shipment was placed roughly at $15,000, according to the Customs agents. Meanwhile, you can find another copy of the ring for $24.95 on eBay.

Pittsburgh Penguins and Detroit Red Wings - Practice
Detroit Red Wings' Stanley Cup banners at Joe Louis Arena / Getty Images

The counterfeit market is a major problem facing not only the sports collectible market, but the world economy as a whole. The World Trade Market Review claimed the total value of counterfeit and pirated materials was over $500 billion in 2016, and one can only imagine how much that total has ballooned as technology continues to make the replication process easier.

While these rings were only a fraction of a decimal of that total, the prevalence of counterfeit sports memorabilia in the market is a definite issue, and customs agents in Upstate New York did right by collectors by seizing these Cup rings.

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