When it comes to weather in Upstate NY, the only thing you can predict is that it's unpredictable!  But just how hot will Saturday be in the Albany area?  Experts say "historically hot!"

According to meteorologists from the Weather Channel, this wonky Upstate NY weather pattern we've been experiencing will remain just that: wonky.

What will change though is the variance in temperatures in our area this weekend.  Ray Stagich from the Weather Channel tells us that sandwiched in-between temps in the 50s, 60s, and 70s will be an absolute scorcher of a day on Saturday.

Stagich said temps are expected to be somewhere in the mid-90s, record-breaking heat for the month of May.

As crazy as the weather is around here, Saturday's high temp could be an all-timer.

According to data from the Weather Channel, the record high temp for the month of May took place back on May 22nd, 1911, the same year that a literal "Killer Heatwave" swept through the Northeast.

Before air conditioning was invented, few people had electric fans and the extreme temps caused chaos and death. That year, along the East Coast of the United States, temperatures climbed into the high 90s and stayed there for days and days, killing 211 people in New York alone.

If weather experts are right and we hit 94 degrees or higher on Saturday, it would be a top 6 scorcher all-time in Albany.

Days that it was 94 degrees or higher in Albany:

  • May 18th, 2017 94 Degrees
  • May 22nd, 1911  97 Degrees 
  • May 25th, 1981 94 Degrees
  • May 26th, 2010 94 Degrees
  • May 27th, 1914 94 Degrees 

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