Poor Newt Gingrich.  All the guy wants to do is reinvent himself and and secure a nice government for himself - THE PRESIDENCY!  If this is any indication, it's gonna be a tough road.
Newt Gingrich Book

Seems that the Newtster was in Minneapolis for a book signing.  Just a simple book signing.  According to the NYDailynews.com, a gay rights protester decided to shower him with sparkles.  Which would be OK if it were a tickertape parade in the city, but he was inside at a table signing copies of his new release: A Nation Like No Other. Well, how ironic is this?  We sure are! Here's what happened, according to a clip taken from ABC News.com

Sorry, no offense, but no matter WHAT the issue or circumstance, I personally think this guy should have been arrested and charged.  Whether it's harmless glitter, water, or a full fledged attack, I still consider it an assault.   Yes, you can stand there and speak your mind.  That's part of our constitutional right.   But you just don't know these days who is walking up to you when you are running for office, and we need to be strict about the enforcement, don't you think?

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