Salem, NY, a small town outside of Glens Falls has a theme to their July 4 parade every year. Last year it was Mardi Gras, this year, the committee has chosen "Redneck Summer."

According to the Post Star, some people in the town are upset about the theme, saying it's derogatory and offensive.  They don't want the town to be labeled by the term, and the possible meaning behind it.

The dictionary definition of "redneck" is "a working-class white person, especially a politically reactionary one from a rural area."

A lot of people in the town are all for the fun, free spirit of the parade and its theme, but others don't want the entire town to be seen as "racist, belligerent, or ignorant."

What do you think?  Is the term "redneck" offensive?  Should Salem pick a different theme?  Are people too sensitive these days, or is this really an issue?  Would you want your town to have a "redneck" themed parade?

Photo by Erik S. Lesser/Getty Images
Photo by Erik S. Lesser/Getty Images


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