I think it's cool that couples are revealing the gender of their babies in creative ways. There have been a few people in my circle of friends who have done some really creative reveals. But there are a few country artists that are also having fun with it.Jason Aldean and his wife Brittany announced that they were expecting and the other day they decided to do the gender reveal. Along with Jason's daughters, and his wife, they posted on Instagram of them all holding black balloons and then simultaneously popping them, revealing they were having a boy.

Thomas Rhett is blessed twice, he and his wife Lauren just adopted a baby girl. They are pregnant with another child and for their gender reveal they went classic with a cake. The cake was decorated pink and blue and when they cut the cake, the piece revealed they were having a girl.

There is also a couple I know, locally who did something really creative with their gender reveal. Both of them love softball. They are both on leagues in the area. They had a special softball made. Jessica pitched the softball to her husband, Nick and when he made contact, the gender was revealed.

photo credit, Jessica Maciariello
photo credit, Jessica Maciariello

I love this trend. I think it's great that we can continue to make a big deal out of the happy moments in our lives. Do you like gender reveals or do you think the couples should just wait to find out and keep it to themselves?

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