As you sit in your living room, you hear the sound of a train nearby.

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That might sound like an idea for lyrics for an old country song, but this is a sound that has some residents in the Tanner Road area of Clifton Park really disliking that tune. It seems that the residents in that area have complained about noise created by trains sitting idle on the track for long periods of time near their homes.

In the story from CBS 6 Albany, there have been several complaints made to Canadian Pacific, and also complaints to some government agencies. Some are concerned about pollution that’s made by the engines.

One of the residents mentioned that he doesn’t mind the sound of the train when it’s moving. The problem is when it stops and just sits idle for the long periods of time, and especially during the overnight hours.

It was also mentioned that sometimes while they’re sleeping, they’ll hear two cars connecting together, creating a very loud noise, waking them up.

There’s a website for people to voice their concerns and also a phone number for its Community Connect, which is 1-800-766-7912.