It's supposed to relieve stress and give you a creative outlet. It's supposed to be kind of fun. But is it?

I was at the dollar spot at Target. I mean, c'mon, that thing gets me every time! I should just walk by, but I can't. And, neither can you, so don't judge!

Anyway, there they were: the adult coloring books. I really have been wanting to try them. I loved to color when I was a kid, and whenever my kids want to do something with me, my default activity is "Let's color!" So when a saw them at the dollar spot for just a couple of bucks, I thought, "This is it!"

The children were excited, and I guess I kinda was too! I've been stressed out lately, and frankly, I don't feel like I've been enjoying my kids enough, so this could be the cure for both! I know, a lot of pressure for a coloring book.

Tonight, we colored.

First the children fought over which pages they were going to color, then they fought over which colored pencils they would get, etc.  Then, when we had everything divided up, I sat down to get de-stressed with some tranquil flowers.

It was kinda working, then I looked up from my work and saw all the mail cluttered on the desk.  Then the dog needed to go out, and I realized it was about dinner time, and I also have blogs to write and a radio show to prep... uhhhhhh. Oh, and there's laundry on my bed that needs to be put away.  So, as you can see, the coloring seemed kinda silly compared to all the real-life adult things I had to do.

Suddenly, the coloring book was stressing me out! Just like the book that I feel guilty reading when the bathrooms need to be cleaned, and the magazine I put on the treadmill so that I can read it while I'm working out, because just relaxing and having "me time" has become more stressful than just not!

So, yeah, anyway, just get the coloring book if you want to. If you can shut out all the real stuff that needs to get done and try relaxing, but if your brain runs like crazy like mine does... good luck, you'll probably only get about this much done.


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