Imagine delicious, crispy bacon. Imagine the ability to get bacon crispy and delicious in an instant whenever you want. Ohio is doing it, why can't we?!

CBS 6 is reporting that Ohio Stadium just announced that they're adding something that sounds like the most brilliant idea anyone has ever had- a bacon vending machine.

Apparently, the Ohio Pork Council added this improved vending machine so "Buckeye fans to purchase ready-to-eat bacon, while supplies last, all season long." Does New York have a Pork Council? Because I would like to talk to them. Not only does this vending machine serve delicious bacon, but it's also good for our local farmers.

In the case of the Ohio machine, it allows "pig farmers to educate consumers about their commitment to responsible animal care and providing quality pork products." It's a win/win. You learn about pork, where it comes from, the local farmers that give it to you, and then you end up with a delicious piece of bacon at an affordable price. I see no downside here. Congrats to Ohio for having the best idea ever, but I'm still keeping my fingers crossed that New York will steal this idea soon.

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