Look at all this new snow in the Capital Region. Tonight and this weekend the roar of snowmobiles will fill the air.

Some of the nicest people in the world are snowmobilers. These great guys and gals support a hidden economy pumping millions of dollars in sales tax revenue into the state of New York.

Many are bar and tavern owners and motels that provide thousands of jobs would literally be out of business if the snow didn't fall, and these folks didn't fire up the sleds.

Snowmobilers have big hearts too. These good folks organize poker runs just like motorcyclists and raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for local people and causes in need.  New York is a better state for having snowmobilers.

Next time you are out in your car and pulling into a country bar to meet  some friends and have to maneuver around a snomobile to get a parking spot, don't get mad. You should be happy to see them.

Do you snowmobile? Tell me where the good riding is these days.

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