It's hard to believe this weekend was the 8th anniversary of the 'Miracle On the Hudson.' So what has been done since then to prevent a similar situation?

It is a legendary story, one that was revived recently with the movie 'Sully' starring Tom Hanks: the 'Miracle On the Hudson.' It truly was a miracle that Sully landed that plane on the Hudson River after a flock of birds cause damage to the plane. So what has been done to prevent this from happening again?

According to a WNYT story, the Associated Press is reporting 70,000 birds have been killed around New York City's airports in an effort  to keep the skies safe, The odd thing is, reports of bird collisions in the same time frame have actually gone up. Now this can also be attributed to more precise reporting of these incidents after Sully's landing.

70,000 birds is a lot right? I understand why - safety first. But this is an unfortunate side effect of ensuring safety.

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