This is a dilemma I think everyone has been on one side of, or the other. If you hear, or know something about your friend's significant other, that may possibly hurt them, do you tell them or do you just keep it to yourself? I can understand both arguments on this one but I always fall back on, stay out of it. How do you feel about it?


Here is what our listener wrote to us:"After a couple of bad relationships, my friend recently met a new guy and they hit it off immediately. I have not seen her so happy in a long time. Here's the dilemma -- I recently found out from a different friend, who knows this guy much better, he may not be the catch my friend thinks he is. He's not a criminal or anything, but I can definitely see where there could be some things she should be wary of. Should I keep my mouth shut and let her be happy or as a friend, should I have a duty to tell her what I heard about him?"

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