A video that has been viewed on YouTube more than 40,000 times of an Albany police officer ticketing a street performer has led to the officer being reassigned. But should he be?

The video, captured by a woman who calls herself a "journalist" and has her camera pointed at both the officer and street performer, captures 43 seconds of the exchange on North Pearl Street in Albany. The officer then calls for help, describing a confrontation with "aggressive panhandlers," and appears to shut down the woman's camera.

The performer, Leif Solem, told News 10 ABC that that the officer was "belittling" him during the exchange in which the policeman asked Solem to pack up and not perform in that spot. News 10 ABC also reported that the officer has been placed on administrative leave while the incident is investigated internally.

Watch the video and tell us: do you think the officer deserves to be punished for issuing a ticket to Solem, or was he just doing his job?