I used to work at a deli so though I'm not a deli expert, I know my way around one. I went to the New York State Brewer's Association event, stopped by Shmaltz, and even I was impressed!

To start, I'm pretty experimental with my craft beer, I'll try anything, especially if it's local. When I came up to the Shmaltz booth and saw they had a Pastrami Pilsner, there was no way I wasn't going to try that.

According to New York Upstate, the Pastrami Pilsner created its flavor with "kosher salt, cracked black pepper, mustard seed, ground caraway seed and a bit of horseradish. It uses some smoked barley malt and a little bit of rye, plus other malts for a rye bread character." I could totally see these things in a pastrami and rye but I never imagine it in a beer.

If you missed the beer event, the Pastrami Pilsner is available in 4-packs and draft. I know what you're thinking but if you love a good deli sandwich, this will not leave you disappointed, give it a try!

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