It is literally the perfect food. You can top it with anything. You can sit down or eat it on the go. You can work it into breakfast, lunch, or dinner. We are talking about the bagel!

Seriously, think about how versatile the bagel really is.

For breakfast, you can toast it and top it with butter. Or keep it at room temperature and top it with cream cheese. You can use them to make a great breakfast sandwich. Or maybe for lunch, you load your favorite bagel up with your favorite deli meats, mayo, and veggies. The possibilities for bagels are endless!

And maybe with family and friends gathering for the holidays, you are looking for a great bagel shop near you to grab a dozen or two?

The real key is starting with the best bagel possible for any of the food combinations above. If the star of the show is not great, not a topping or sandwich combo can make it right.

So we looked to you our listeners and asked who serves the best bagels in the Capital Region? Here are the top 10 in the area, according to you!

See The Capital Region's 10 Best Bagel Shops [RANKED]

For any meal of the day, the bagel is a tasty and versatile option to be the star of your meal. Heck, when it comes to a great bagel, you can even just pick them up and eat is! So if you are looking for a great spot to grab a dozen for home or to grab a great sandwich on a bagel, here are the Capital Region's 10 best bagel shops from Kinderhook to Albany to Queens bury according to local bagel experts - our listeners!

Gallery Credit: Matty Jeff

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Schenectady is one of the prime foodie destination cities, not just in the Capital Region, but in New York state in general. And one of the food lanes the city is known for is great bakeries. We could go on and on and on about all the great ones in the Electric City, but these 5 right here are the best of the best according to Yelp users. So the next time you need a great birthday cake, a pie for dessert at that next dinner gathering, or maybe some of the best bread ever baked, these are the 5 must-visit bakeries in Schenectady.

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It is hard to believe that fall 2022 is upon us which means the return of all of our favorite Upstate New York autumn activities. While they are available all year long, indulging in some delicious local cider donuts just may be the most enjoyable and satisfying of those fall activities. While we have a LONG list of great cider donut spots, we once again went to our listeners to determine the best of the best. So Who serves the best cider donuts in the Capital Region? Here are the top 10 for autumn 2022 according to you!

Gallery Credit: Matty Jeff




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