I woke up to the news that a 3 month old killer whale named Kyara ,the last whale born in SeaWorld's inhumane and twisted captive breeding program, died Monday at the San Antonio park according to the company.  It's such a shame  these beautiful, intelligent, and compassionate animals never had a chance.  Who in their right mind would ever support  SeaWorld, even as they've changed some of their killer whale policies?

Whales should be in the ocean, not doing dance routines to Justin Bieber songs. This beautiful animal suffered from an infection and that's what ultimately took her life.  Could she have died in the wild just as easily as in captivity?  Possibly.  That's what SeaWorld wants you to believe, but I don't trust a word they say.   I can't even imagine the trauma that Kyara's mother Takara must be experiencing right now. Whales feel emotional stress as much as humans do, perhaps even more.  That's why they lash out, act irrationally or become irritated.  Wouldn't you?

This prepared statement by trainer Julie Sigman leaves me shaking my head,  "As animal caregivers we dedicate our lives to these animals, and this loss will be felt throughout the entire SeaWorld family."  The truth is, Ms. Sigman probably did dedicate a good amount of her life to these animals.  With all due respect, she probably should have dedicated a few more hours watching the documentary Blackfish.

By 2019, SeaWorld locations will no longer be using killer whales to dance to pop hits while bouncing basketballs off their noses.  Clearly however, the damage is already done.  RIP Kyara.  Wish I was saying that about SeaWorld.


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