I have to admit, I enjoy talking with people on airplanes. Yes I know they are total strangers, but I think that's why I like it. I am never pushy, I assess the situation and if my seatmate is friendly, I will engage in conversation. But I didn't expect her to ask me this! I had a wonderful conversation with a nice woman named Lisa on my flight from Albany to Philadelphia on Thursday morning. I am not sure who struck up the conversation first but we talked a lot. We covered a lot of different topics. We discussed her boyfriend of twenty three years and her three beautiful children complete with pictures from her phone. I also shared stories about my career and showed her photos on my phone of my 102 year old Nana, my dog and Ryan.

I was enjoying the chatter as we passed the time on the two hour flight. Then she had a very strange request. As she reached for her purse, she stated that she was starting to get a headache. She grabbed a couple of Advil from her bag and then turned to me and asked for some of my iced tea. I had a large fountain type cup with a straw. (There was no beverage service on this flight.) I looked at her funny and she said that she didn't need to drink from my straw, she could just drink from the cup.

I had to act quickly so I said, "sure"! I really wasn't sure what to do, I just reacted. She took a swig from my cup and handed it back. I put the lid back on and didn't touch it the rest of the flight. When we got off the plane, I threw it away.

Would you have been as nice and polite as me? Would you have told her no way or made up an excuse as to why you couldn't? What would you do?

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