Seatmate On Flight Asked Chrissy, What?!
I have to admit, I enjoy talking with people on airplanes. Yes I know they are total strangers, but I think that's why I like it. I am never pushy, I assess the situation and if my seatmate is friendly, I will engage in conversation. But I didn't expect her to ask me this!
Airline Makes Christmas Dreams Come True [Watch]
I'm sitting at my desk sobbing at this video!  I love Christmas, and this is why!
WestJet Airlines set up Santa stations at two different airports and while passengers were in the air, teams of elves shopped for what they wished for!  Tears and fake snow were added, and we're left…
Civilians Give Up Seats on Flight for Marines
This story made me tear up with pride, and hope for America!
Monday, 13 Marines were returning from Afghanistan on a flight from Chicago to San Diego.   American Airlines noticed that they had 6 empty first class seats, so they upgraded half of the Marines...