Sears' latest list of store closings includes a location right here in the Capital Region.

The Times Union is reporting the department store will close it's Colonie Center location in mid-September. Sears has had a location in the mall from day 1 when it opened in 1966. The Colonie Center closing is among 20 Sears closings nationwide. 245 closing had already been announced earlier this year.

Like a lot of stores, online shopping has negatively affected Sears' business at their physical locations. Understandable, as online shopping has become the norm for many. But it is still weird seeing a store like Sears closing, right? It was one of those stores growing up where you always went for back to school clothes, new appliances for the house and more.

The Times Union says the store's employees will receive severance and will have the opportunity to transfer to other area Sears or K-mart stores. The Colonie Center Sears liquidation sale will begin June 30.


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