May is National Barbecue Month!  Let's get to grillin! 

With the weather FINALLY warming up, all I can think about is barbecuing.  In fact, I did just that tonight!  Now, it was just hot dogs, but I was out there, just me and the grill and I loved it!

To celebrate national barbecue month, I thought I would share some of my favorite things to grill with you. You will see that I don't sway from the typical very much and I would love to branch out and maybe try a couple of new recipes if you have any ideas to share with me.  Throw your ideas and comments on this blog and I will try a few of them this year. Here are my go to favorite foods to BBQ.

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Hamburgers and hot dogs – Who doesn’t love these BBQ classics? They are quick and easy to grill up and the whole family loves them!

Sausages – although I think my favorite sausage sandwiches are usually those I buy at a stadium, I do enjoy these homemade. I even cut up my own peppers and onions, throw in a little garlic and grill them up too!

Kebabs – I think I hear my stomach growling already. Whether I get these premade and marinated or do it myself, Kebabs on the grill are a so easy to cook and so delicious!

Spare Ribs – This is a new one for me. Over the last couple of years I have been a fan of the boneless pork spare ribs. I mix them with some BBQ Sauce and garlic before I grill them up  - Sure you can steal my secret recipe!

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Steak – By far my favorite meal on the grill. Just the smell of a steak grilling is one of a kind. I tend to mix up the steak recipes, sometimes  I go with a steak marinade, sometimes I use a dry rub….but either way, it’s perfect!

I know this wasn't a mind blowing list but the point is, GET OUT THERE AND GRILL PEOPLE!  What is the one thing you love to grill? Who grills something completely out of the ordinary?