It’s open! A tradition in our area is Hoffman’s Playland. Odds are, you went there as a kid and now you are taking your kids there!



Today was my opportunity to bring my youngest Son Caden there for his first time! Now, you have to plan things out.

Today it was hot and sunny so we wore shorts. Caden thought this monkey shirt would help with the ladies! And it just so happened we were meeting Lucy and CeCe there!



First thing to do when you get there, well after you buy the ride tickets, is to make sure you’re tall enough for the rides. Check! Now its time for the rides and FUN FUN FUN!

We went on the boats first. Caden LOVED ringing the bell! So Did Lucy & CeCe!!


Then, onto the horses on the Merry Go Round. Boy that one made me dizzy!

After a couple rides we were ready for lunch! I got Caden a hot dog at the carnival stand, but we opted for subway!

Then it was back on the rides one last time before we headed out! The school bus was a hit with Caden as he yelled “Schooooollll buuusssss” the whole time!

I hope Caden loved this day as much as we loved taking him! I’m sure it’s not his last time here! I hope you get to spend one day there this Summer, it’s a great time for the kids!

If you go tomorrow…Moms ride FREE!

Oh and just so you parents know, the train takes TWO loops around the playland! Yes, two! Have fun!