Today is the day before Thanksgiving, it is also considered the biggest party day of the year. Seeing that you basically have a 4 day weekend, you have plenty of time to recover from a big party. Since tonight is the night to cut loose and have a good time, I thought I would give you my list of my favorite country Party songs.

1. My Kinda Party--Jason Aldean

The title alone makes this song a party tune and ya just gotta love the guitar riff. It really gets the blood pumping!

2. Party Crowd--David Lee Murphy

If you aren't apart of the party crowd tonight, then I feel sorry for you!

3. Red Solo Cup--Toby Keith

A new song on my party list. If you're having a house party tonight, you better break out the Red Solo Cups.

4. Save A Horse (Ride A Cowboy)--Big And Rich

The minute this one kicks in, everybody starts dancing and you can't help but sing along to the chorus.

5. All Jacked Up--Gretchen Wilson

Granted, i could have picked Gretchen's "Here For The Party", but this one rocks so much more! Nothing wrong with getting a little jacked up, just be responsible tonight. No Drinking and Driving!

So there's my list of favorite party songs, what will you be rocking out to tonight?

As an added bonus, here's a song for the next day:

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