We just love the Small Town Tour. We also love Fidelis Care for sponsoring it by the way. Have you ever been to one of our morning events? Maybe this is a good time to start!

Here are the top five reasons to come to the Small Town Tour at the Scotia Diner.

5. Omelets, Omelets, Omelets

4.You can meet our new member, Bethany.  And she's just as nice as the omelets.

3. You're supporting a small business - and face it- What's more American than a diner?  You're being patriotic!

2. I wrote you Scotians  a song and you'll hear it (OK, that might not be quite as good as the omelets, but I think it is one of my best "Your Town Thursday" songs ever, so I hope you'll listen! )

And the number one reason to come to the Scotia Diner?  Free hugs from the morning show member of your choice!  (did you hear the show today?)

The Scotia Diner is on Mohawk Street in downtown Scotia.  We'll be there from 6-9am! You could enter to win tickets to our Secret Star Acoustic Jam too!! See you there!